Flower Exports


The directors of Welland Flowers have over 30 years combined experience in the international and UK flower trade. Our relationships with suppliers, combined with our understanding of international logistics has enabled us to build up a reputation as a reliable supplier and business partner.

We do not supply supermarkets. At Welland Flowers we are focused on supplying ‘the trade’ with fresh, quality flowers day-to-day, week-to-week, with a focus on the many events around Europe and North America that occur during the Spring:

  • St David’s Day (Wales)
  • Fête des grands-mères (France)
  • International Women’s Day (central & eastern Europe)
  • Mothers’ Day (UK)
  • Easter (western Europe & North America)
  • Orthodox Easter or Pascha (central & eastern Europe)

Of the above, Easter is by far the biggest event. We know how important daffodils are to our customers in Northern Europe, and we pride ourselves on the forward planning and communication that goes into making this period successful for everyone in the chain. We will NEVER speculate with long-term cold storage of flowers in order to fulfil an order. This policy presents us with challenges, but we firmly believe this is best business practice that results in higher customer satisfaction and less waste.




Welland Flowers has a range of packaging available.  Traditional white produce boxes are the generic container for daffodils, but we also offer other options to give improved point of sale presentation in store.

Daffodils are traditionally supplied in bunches of 10 stems, with no additional packaging.  We can offer different bunch sizes, typically 18 stems, but other sizes can be supplied on request – dependant on order size, volume and notice period.  We have also created our own unique picture sleeve, which we have found very useful for use in small retail chains, and in new markets where consumers do not necessarily recognise daffodils in bud as a flower to take home.


Welland Flowers have a thorough understanding of the handling and logistics involved in the exporting of flowers.  We know the importance of integrated supply chains and in particular how to keep fresh daffodils in tip-top condition from the grower, all the way to the customer – sometimes over thousands of mails, both by road and by air.  We work closely with a select group of road haulage, storage and freight forwarding companies who we now call friends – we trust them to deliver our promise, wherever in the world our customer may be.


Bunch: standard sizes of 10 or 18 stems. Other bunch sizes can be produced, depending on order size and amount of notice.

Box size: we use several different box sizes, containing 400, 500, 600 or 800 stems.

Boxes per pallet: this varies depending on box size and mode of transport.

Road freight

Industrial/ block pallet:
generally 52,000 stems per pallet

Euro pallet:
generally 41,600 stems per pallet

Air freight

Industrial/ block pallet:
generally 36,000 stems per pallet

Our Minimum export order size = 1 pallet