Daffodils have been grown commercially in Britain since the late 19th century.  Climatic conditions and soil types in this country are ideally suited to their production – so much so, that the UK produces over three quarters of the world’s daffodils.  It is a significant sector in British agriculture, with a contribution of over £50M to the economy, generated from over 4000 ha of production.

The industry has been so successful because of the climatic diversity within what is, a relatively small island.  There are three principal production regions: Cornwall in the south West, Lincolnshire in the Midlands, and Aberdeenshire in the north east.  Penzance in Cornwall and Montrose in Aberdeenshire are less than 500 miles apart, yet the difference in the start date of Spring may be as great as six weeks some years.  The combination of geographical differences and the development of early and late flowering varieties means that the UK is able to produce daffodil and narcissus flowers in open fields from December until late April – that’s a continuous supply for over one third of the year without the use of glasshouses, artificial heating or lights.  Welland Flowers is proud of its long-standing relationships with growers in all three regions, and has carved out a reputation for reliability and continuity.

The scale of British production means that there is a significant volume of both flowers and bulbs exported across the world, and Welland Flowers represents a small cog in this big machine.  In addition to wholesale and retail customers throughout the UK, we currently supply businesses in The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Poland and North America.  In fact we have the means and experience to deliver flowers anywhere in the world.


Welland Flowers is located at the very centre of commercial seasonal flower production in this country.  Daffodils are of course the very essence of seasonal, but we also supply the other main flower type at this time of year – TULIPS.  They have been grown in South Lincolnshire since the early 20th Century, and the industry grew to such an extent that by the 1950s Spalding was synonymous with Tulips, and its famous flower parde.  The industry is no longer the giant it was, but this region still has strong associations with the tulip – it is the symbol of the town, the local council and even the nickname of Spalding United FC.

We can supply locally grown tulips in a range of over 10 colours over the season, and in a different bunch sizes and even package – dependant on order size.  Tulips are all glasshouse grown, and are available from early January until late May.


Seasonal commercial flower production is not restricted to Spring.  In fact a much wider range of flowers are grown in our locality during the ‘summer’ months – from May to October.  Most of this production is on a field scale, but some flowers are better suited to protected cropping in glasshouses or poly’ tunnels.  Welland flowers works with a number of growers, large and small, to source a range of British summer flowers to compete with Dutch suppliers.  The provenance and lower carbon footprint of these flowers is great story for your customers.  Over the summer period we can supply a range of local flowers , and we even have access to British foliage as well.

Protected Cropping

Lilys (L/A and Oriental)

Field Grown

Sweet Williams
Alchemilla Mollis
Ornamental Brassica